Power of quantum computers with a click of a button

Quantum SaaS Platform for businesses to leverage quantum computers with minimal effort

Let Quantum Computers Take Your Business to Higher Grounds

Numerous applications of quantum computing exist, from finance to logistics to sustainable business


Dynamic Portfolio Optimization, Fraud Detection, Market Correction & many more

Sustainable Business

Electric Vehicle Charging Station Optimization, Waste Collection Optimization & many more

Logistics & Mobility

Last-Mile optimization, Emergency Services Route Optimization, Traffic Routing & many more

Other Usecases

Airline Scheduling, Staff Scheduling & many more

Advantages of Quantum SaaS Platform

  • Leverage Quantum computers with minimal effort

  • Huge savings in cost since no need to hire expensive quantum talent

  • Faster time-to-market

  • On-Premise and On-Cloud deployment options

In a recent paper, we demonstrated 42% better performance for Electric Vehicle charging stations placement by combining quantum computing with our proprietary AI technology.  Read the paper

81% of Fortune 1000 Decision-Makers have a Quantum Computing Use-Case in Mind for the Next Three Years