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BosonQ Psi ties up with Artificial Brain to bring Quantum Technology Solutions to businesses

Updated: May 24, 2023

BQP and Artificial Brain, two dynamic startups at the forefront of quantum computing, have announced a strategic alliance. The primary goal of this alliance is to assist organizations and research institutions in tackling computationally intensive simulations and optimization problems, particularly in the aerospace and energy sectors.

Jitesh Lalwani, Founder, and CEO of Artificial Brain, added: “By partnering with BQP, we are bringing the power of quantum computing to our clients. Getting accurate solutions to complex optimization problems is a challenge given the computational bottleneck. Our team is focused on developing quantum algorithms for practical applications to overcome this challenge”.

Artificial Brain specializes in providing hybrid quantum-classical algorithms to solve intricate business problems in sectors like Space, Energy, and Aerospace. They have achieved a breakthrough in the development of advanced quantum algorithms, allowing real-time optimization of Earth Observation Satellites (EOS) within the space industry. Additionally, their algorithms facilitate the selection of optimal energy sources while meeting energy demands and complying with renewable energy targets in the energy industry.

“Enterprises and research entities are looking for innovative breakthroughs through simulations to mimic complex engineering environment,” said Aditya Singh, Founding member, Head of Infrastructure and Growth, BQP. “Our strategic alliance with Artificial Brain will bring advanced technology, deep quantum expertise, and value-added solutions helping solve computationally-intensive optimization problems”.

Notably, BQP recently launched BQPhy 0.1, the world's first simulation software suite powered by quantum computing. This cutting-edge suite caters to forward-looking enterprises in various industries such as aerospace, automotive, manufacturing, and biotech. It enables researchers to engage in proof-of-concept projects and simulations, utilizing quantum-powered capabilities to provide innovative solutions for complex engineering problems.

About Artificial Brain:

Artificial Brain is a leading technology company that specializes in the development of quantum computing software with a primary focus on space, energy, and aerospace. The company's mission is to solve the world’s most complex computing challenges to benefit humanity, society, and the planet. For more information, please visit or Contact us at:



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